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Introducing MPA VasoDry

MPA VasoDry is a topical skin gel that glides on smoothly, and dries rapidly. The ingredients in MPA VasoDry may support the appearance of tighter, firmer, and thinner skin texture for an overall leaner appearance.

MPA Vasodry is a topical skin gel that glides on smoothly.

  • Enhances Sweating
  • Clean gel application
  • Rapidly dries
  • Neutral scent
Ideal for giving you a dry appearance a few days before a special event.
Dries Rapidly
Clean Gel Application
Cinnamon Scent

Application for MPA VasoDry

The best places to apply MPA VasoDry is the same areas you would have applied MPA VasoBurn --- abdominals, glutes, inner thighs, chest, and of course … the lower back (love handle area).

Apply MPA VasoDry after showering -- washing away dead skin cells from the body -- ensuring maximum effect.

A finely trimmed or shaved body may also enhance the effect of ingredients by negating the occurrence of body hair that can make application difficult.

MPA Supps topical products will always smell pleasant, dry quickly, and go on efficiently without leaving the skin tacky and uncomfortable. We pride ourselves on continually delivering safe, effective, and high quality products inan industry that is known to cut corners. We will never compromise our reputation or integrity.


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