Pre-workout supplements are so commonplace nowadays; every supplement company has their own run-of-the-mill, stimulant-loaded product claiming to help you get the most out of your training. Sadly, most of those products fall well short of their expectations, mainly because the formulas are inefficacious blends of bunk ingredients.

Noticing this trend, MPA Supplements took the initiative to formulate a product that contains clinical doses of ingredients proven to actually enhance performance while you train.

This product is CelluVOL - an anti-stimulant, nitric oxide boosting and cellular swelling pre-workout that will help you maximize each and every training session. The five key ingredients in CelluVOL are dosed in amounts that will help athletes and gym goers alike achieve greater muscular pumps, drive mental cognition, and optimize nutrient delivery to working muscle tissue. 

It’s key to note that unlike pretty much every other pre-workout on the market, CelluVOL contains absolutely no harsh stimulants or caffeine, which are merely ways for your body to have a perceived ‘sense’ of energy without much actual benefit.

Don’t get us wrong, some caffeine can be okay when taken prior to training, but the goal with CelluVOL is to relax and expand blood vessels as much as possible - caffeine antagonizes that goal as it is a vasoconstricting chemical. n

With that in mind, let’s breakdown the science behind the top five pre-workout ingredients and why they made the cut for the CelluVOL formula. If you want skin-tearing pumps and clean, lasting energy in the gym, you’ve come to right place.

The Top Five Pre-Workout Ingredients

Hydromax®: Premium-Grade Glycerol

Glycerol is the natural backbone to triglycerides (fats). It is becoming a prominent dietary supplement thanks to its hydration and electrolyte-balancing properties. Since the body maintains a balance of fluids, consuming glycerol can effectively “swell” muscle cells with water and other nutrients.[1]

With CelluVOL you’re getting a clinical dose of HydroMax® patented high-potency glycerol. Other pre-workouts on the market typically use a much cheaper, inferior form form of glycerol—glycerol monostearate which contains a negligible 4-10% glycerol.

Nitrosigine®: Stabilized Arginine Silicate

Nitrosigine® is the evolution of plain L-arginine that the bodybuilding world has always wanted. This ingredient is patented arginine silicate stabilized with inositol, having much more potency than regular arginine.The result is drastic increases in nitric oxide and muscular pumps.

There are multiple pathways that arginine works through, particularly by altering certain nitric oxide synthase and by switching on cellular receptors such as alpha(2)-adrenergic receptors. [2] The benefits of these mechanisms include relaxation and expansion of blood vessels, increase in insulin sensitivity, and better nutrient delivery to working muscle tissue.

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AlphaSize®: Alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha-GPC)

Choline is technically part of the B vitamin family and that plays a large role in cognitive function. In fact, choline deficiency is implicated with states of cognitive decline and impaired memory recall.[3]

Therefore, CelluVOL includes AlphaSize - the most bioavailable form of choline which helps increase the activity of the  neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This helps give the focus and mental acuity of stimulants like caffeine without the negative side effects.

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Kyowa®: Pure Fermented L-Citrulline

L-Citrulline is an amino acid found abundantly in the rind of watermelon; endogenously, it is synthesized in the urea cycle used as a biomarker/indicator of intestinal function in clinical settings.

Citrulline is becoming more popular in the world of sports supplements, but is typically found in the form of citrulline malate. This means many preworkouts contain significantly less pure L-citrulline per gram than products like CelluVOL that uses pharmaceutical-grade Kyowa® L-citrulline.

An efficacious dose of pure L-citrulline is upwards of seven grams taken prior to training. Thus, if you see a product containing 2:1 citrulline malate dosed at six grams per serving, you’re only getting roughly four grams of citrulline.

MPA CelluVol
L-Citrulline works to augment nitric oxide-dependent signaling. [4] Supplementing with L-citrulline prior to exercise has been shown to significantly increase plasma arginine concentrations and thus enhance production of arginine-derived metabolites (i.e. nitrite, ornithine, etc). [5] Other benefits of L-citrulline use include:

  • Enhances utilization of essential amino acids during exercise
  • Increases intracellular nitric oxide production which promotes vasodilation and increased blood flow
  • Increases the body’s efficiency at removing endotoxins
  • Increases growth hormone secretion in individuals after resistance training

ElevATP®: Minerals from Apple Extract and Ancient Peat

ElevATP® is a patented combo of apple extract and ancient peat fossilized plants. This revolutionary ingredient stimulates ATP (energy) production in muscle cells, similar to how creatine works. Basically, when your muscle cells have more ATP to work with, the more power and endurance you have in the gym. Studies on ElevATP® show significant increases in athletic performance and maximal strength.[6,7]

Maximize Each and Every Training Session with CelluVOL

MPA Supplements strives to bring elite bodybuilders and all levels of trainees nothing but products made with superior ingredients and research-backed formulas. CelluVOL is a pre-workout that fits perfectly in line with that mission.

The versatility of CelluVOL means it may be stacked with a drink or product containing caffeine if you absolutely want a stimulant before training. Not to mention it has a delicious, candy taste to satisfy your sweet tooth (which can be quite a treat during contest preparation).




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