Some people get lean easy.

Some people absolutely suck at getting lean.

Let’s just put the genetic aspect of the equation aside, as we know that genetics rule at the end of the day when all things are equal.

But seriously —why aren’t you shaping up faster? You’ve been dieting for several weeks now, but the ab skin is still thicker than you’d like and don’t even talk about the lower back!

I have some thoughts on why you might not be optimizing your fat loss goals and how you can expedite the process. It has everything to do with the mind, and i’d like to think the body will follow the mind.

Your mentality towards stringent dieting needs to be thought out and analyzed. Most people just do things simplistically without looking into the “minor details” that in actuality, are what will get you over the hump.

Here is what you might doing currently for your fat-loss journey-

-Eating low carbs, or carb cycling, or even zero carbs knowing that keeping insulin low is a factor in fat-loss

-Eating “healthy fats” to ensure essential health is covered

-Doing fasted cardio to tap into fat storage

-Weight training for at least an hour day

-Taking thermogenic aids to speed up your metabolic rate

-Possibly taking hormonal enhancement to hold lean muscle

All things listed above should ensure you’re peeled right? It’s pretty straightforward, take in less calories than you burn and eat enough protein and easy peasy!

Unfortunately, you aren’t doing everything in your power to make sure you are a metabolic furnace, and here is what you ARE NOT doing and what you SHOULD BE doing.

The most common scenario I encounter with “metabolic slugs” are their work environment, which is sedentary. You want to talk about lack of circulation and blood flow to extremities, and losing some insulin sensitivity, and keeping those stubborn areas even more stubborn, keep sitting. I work at a computer all day, every day, and you better believe I work standing up. Build a standing station, get used to being uncomfortable and having sore feet for a few weeks. Getting lean and losing body fat was never supposed to be comfortable. This key factor alone could turn things around for you regarding stalling in progress.


Next thing which relates to the above scenario is adding more steps throughout your day. Running errands? Well, park farther away and walk your curdy, dimply butt to the destination. When faced with an escalator or stairs — always opt for the stairs. Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend is bored of your constantly hungry and tired, whiny self — take a nice walk and view scenery in the neighborhood.

Your cardio…. fasted upon waking. You better be making it worth something. Meaning — get the incline maxed out to its highest level, and make the speed almost uncomfortable where you cannot text or hold your phone. You pretty much can just hold on and jam out to motivating music.

Your diet…..You said you’re “low carbs” but you justify a few protein bars here and there, not to mention your “on the go” justifications for substituting different foods. You should always be well planned and prepared with meals, no question.

You might think you’re up to date and super smart with nutrition and follow the YouTube needle dicks out there whom cite studies for proving everything in life, but being a “bro” and eating 5-8 smaller meals throughout the day certainly will help most husky, unlucky slugs get leaner, and feel more satiated. The minuscule thermogenic effect of eating and digesting frequently will certainly make a difference each and every day and have a positive cumulative effect.

Speaking of diet - ditch your “healthy fats.” inclusion. Because sitting at your office chair for 8-12 hours then at night having your “raw almond butter” is just adding more back butter to your love handles.

You want essential fatty acids? Supplement with a high quality omega-3 oil like Carlson’s liquid fish oil. I doubt you’ll be twirling your sausage fingers around in that at night when hunger takes over your brain.

Drink your water C O N S I S T E N T L Y every single day. People are lazy and they do not ensure “x amount of fluid” is ingested each day. Yes, water does enhance your metabolism and is critical to make everything function at the highest level.

Are your natural hormones or exogenous hormones on point? Hormones will dictate fat loss and muscle retention more than “calories in vs calories out”—believe that. Gutter low testosterone, estrogen, and DHT will yield a soft and squishy physique.

Do not use thermogenic aids (stimulants, thyroid mimetics, fat uncouplers) etc… under the assumption that they will allow more liberty towards carbohydrates, sugar, fats being consumed over your set plan. People will use these as justification for overeating and as a crutch to fall back on. I have seen countless times individuals using thyroid products to cover cheating on their diet and slack on cardio -- do not waste these effective formulas! Utilize and maximize them.

I’ll just stop right here and let the above sink in. Do not overlook what you might consider minor details, because trust me -- I have been doing this for so many years that all variables must be considered when wanting to present your best possible physique.