By: Matt Weik

Patented ingredients are taking the industry by storm and for good reason – they have research backing their effectiveness, are trusted, and they actually work. Everyone from professional athletes to fitness and bodybuilding competitors, all the way down to the recreational exerciser is looking for an edge to take their training and results to the next level. A new ingredient that has scratched their itch is SerinAid®. 

SerinAid Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a patented chemical used to help boost both mental and physical performance. While SerinAid has been shown to help reduce perceived stress levels, the benefits run much deeper than that.

Mind and Body: The “Use It or Lose It” Principle

Do you know someone who is extremely sedentary, and you’ve noticed that both mentally and physically they are starting to regress? Their mind isn’t as sharp, they have a hard time remembering things, and their body just doesn’t work like it used to? It’s quite common. 

The key is to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs, provide it with activity to keep the muscles stimulated to prevent them from atrophying, and provide the body with the dietary supplements it needs to keep your brain and body functioning optimally.

The Infamous Stress Hormone

Stress is a major reason that we all tend to break down over time. The constant battling of free radicals and stressors can take its toll on both muscle and brain cells.  And any form of stress can cause a significant increase in cortisol – a stress hormone.

When cortisol levels rise, it can cause you to gain weight, store excess body fat, disrupt your sleep patterns, decrease your mental and physical performance, increase your blood pressure, zap your energy levels, and put you in a poor mood. Sound fun? It’s not, and that’s why it’s so important to minimize the effects and keep your cortisol and stress levels in check.

If you want to take things to a deeper level, SerinAid aids in relaying messages from cell to cell. It also helps not only remove waste from the cells but also helps useful nutrients make their way into the cells to support their health and optimal functioning.


Is SerinAid for YOU?

The great thing about SerinAid is that it can truly be used by anyone and everyone so long as it’s cleared by your doctor and doesn’t interfere with any medications you may be on. From a mental and physical standpoint, SerinAid is an extremely useful and powerful ingredient that when supplemented with can aid tremendously.

SerinAid has been shown to help decrease both mental and physical stress while aiding in keeping your cortisol levels in a normal and healthy range. According to Chemi Nutra, the manufacturer of SerinAid, they have published on their website that some of the main benefits of supplementing with an efficacious dose of this powerful ingredient can:

  • Improve key brain functions such as memory, concentration, learning, recall, and focus
  • Prevent memory loss such as an age-related cognitive decline
  • Reduce elevated cortisol levels and stress
  • Improve athletic activities such as running, weightlifting, and golf
  • Help reduce fatigue and muscle soreness
  • Improve recovery time

From the benefits above, it’s easy to see that SerinAid can help a wide variety of demographics. Even those who don’t exercise at all can experience a boost in mental performance, mood, and a decrease in stress. 


Mind Over Matter

That being said, if you exercise regularly, SerinAid can be extremely advantageous. For instance, when you put it all together and think about how the benefits of its use coincide with your training program, that’s where the real eye-opening magic happens.

When you exercise (resistance training or cardiovascular activity), you need to be in a state of absolute focus. Lack of focus can get you hurt or injured. The focus and cognitive benefits from the use of SerinAid can help you become more aware of yourself, your spatial awareness, and how your muscles are being stimulated (concentric and eccentric movement). 

Think of this benefit during resistance training and you have a fantastic mind-muscle connection to help fully contract the muscles being targeted and aid in effectively breaking down muscle fibers. Intra- and post-workout you also get the recovery benefits to help you push harder in the gym and recover faster following those intense bouts of exercise.

Useful For All Athletes

Athletes can benefit just as much from this ergogenic aid and SerinAid can provide them with an edge over the competition. The ability to think more clearly, concentrate fully, recall information, and pull from an enhanced memory can provide you with a leg up on the opposing team or players. 

Additionally, the fact that you can reduce your stress level can allow you to play with a level-head and not be as anxious during competition. This can go a long way, especially with sports like golf where nerves can affect your swing and play.


How Should SerinAid Be Taken?

If you’re looking for cognitive benefits only, you can take your daily dose of SerinAid at any point during the day. The key is to remain consistent and take it every day to get the most benefits from its use.

That being said, do you find it hard to sleep at night? If so, it would be best to take your daily dose of SerinAid at night as it can help decrease your cortisol levels, help you relax, and give you a better opportunity to get a good night’s rest.

Should you plan on implementing SerinAid into your training protocol, it is best to take it before your workout to help attain the enhancements in recovery (both during and post-workout), mind-muscle connection, focus, and drive, as well as supporting your efforts with increasing lean muscle mass. On non-training days, you may take your daily dose whenever you wish.


Looking to Try SerinAid and See How You Can Benefit from Its Use?

Not only is MPA using SerinAid in one of our products, but we've packed it with an efficacious dose to ensure every customer can get the maximum benefits from its use.

Unlike many other brands that fairy dust everything and hide it behind a proprietary blend, MPA uses transparent labels to show you exactly what you're getting in our SerinAid-based product. What product am I speaking of?  CortiSolve.

CortiSolve is a clinically dosed cortisol optimizing formula that utilizes SerinAid and provides a full 800mg of Phosphatidylserine to help amplify your results. 

Not only can CortiSolve help manage your cortisol levels, but it can also help you increase lean muscle mass, decrease body fat levels, recover faster, and train harder. Maximize your time both inside and outside of the gym through the patented and efficaciously dosed ingredient, SerinAid, found in MPA CortiSolve.


Author Bio:

Matt Weik, the owner of Weik Fitness, LLC, is a well-respected fitness expert/author with a global following. His work has been featured all over the globe as well as having published numerous books.

He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, personal trainer, and sports nutritionist. Find out more at or on social media @weikfitness.