When I was coming up in this industry I had a handful of people that inspired me, influenced me, and helped me believe in my abilities.

Many of these individuals had done something in the industry that was noteworthy, positive, impressive, or highly regarded.

When someone whom you look up to notices your ability, and takes time to give you advice, support you, coach you, teach you etc… it impacts you internally more than they might even know.

So why am I writing this article?

I have noticed in this current era of Internet or “Social Media fame,” that people whom begin to earn a following, and start expanding their reach, often get overly confident and believe their own hype.

For example: Bodybuilding Coaching is extremely prevalent online, and just about any “Dick, Tom, and Harry” can do it - even if they truly have no business doing so.

After 1 show, 2 shows, maybe 3 shows -- a person will get into great shape from following someone else’s plan they paid for, then begin to promote and market themselves as Coaches using their competition photos. Now, I don’t have a problem with this even though I feel you should truly be in the trenches for years to fully grasp nutrition, training, blood work, supplements etc… but I understand everyone’s level of sureness and certainty is unique.

The major issue I have is: these people are possibly turning out decent to very good results from shifting over their previous nutrition plans in which they hired someone else to handle.  Essentially putting new prospects on the same plan they already paid for (talk about getting a return on your investment!) The truth is -- most anyone can get 80% of people in great shape when anabolics and thermogenic agents are involved, with just a mild grasp on nutrition.

As the months go on, such people will keep accumulating athletes and with fair rates, free preps depending on the talent,  the reputation starts building and the person starts feeling equal or better than their original teacher/mentors. A new imperious attitude begins to define their updated demeanor.

Sadly, I have seen people who have done this Bodybuilding thing for a mere few years and think they are equal or better than pioneers of Bodybuilding Coaching like the names of Chad Nichols, Chris Aceto, Milos Sarcev’s mind boggling in fact, like where has the respect and humbleness gone?

I’ve helped numerous individuals that used my services for a good amount of time (sometimes years) look their best, as they could never get themselves into proper condition.They looked up to me, and valued my knowledge, friendship etc… Once they began taking on random people , and began getting connected with more talent, I noticed them lose touch with me and act standoffish at shows, events etc…which was very disheartening to see.

To this day I still keep my original Teachers and people I looked up to in the exact same high regard. No matter if I made it farther in Bodybuilding competition than they did, Coaching, or what have you -- it will never dawn on me as me being above or better than them due to respect. My original posing Coaches Turk Fickling and Andre Scott will always be bigger, more impressive, and better than me no matter if I exceed anything they have on paper or by a trophy etc… that is because I love, respect and look up to them ongoing, no matter what I achieve.

I can say the same for several other friends in this industry I’ve been blessed to know.

Never let accolades and status shift you away from your roots, and convince you that you are bigger than you actually are. Stay grounded and thankful for what you have achieved, but never forget those who influenced you, encouraged you, and taught you when you first came up.