MPA CelluVOL, our premier pre-workout formula, guys. It's out and it's ready to rock. I'm going to go over what MPA CelluVOL is and what it's not. First off, it is a pre-workout, but it's not like your standard pre-workout, which commonly is stimulant-based. As you can see, it's an anti-stimulant formula. No caffeine, no yohimbine, none of that stuff. My whole outlook on a pre-workout, from what I expect in a pre-workout, is solely a pump product. So I want something that's going to not constrict blood vessels, not going to jack up blood pressure. In fact, I want things to do the opposite. I want it to relax blood vessels, open them up, expand the vascularity, increase muscle volume, increase cellular swelling, increase a muscular pump, so you increase nutrient absorption, all that awesome stuff. That's what this is, and if you want a stimulant product, that's fine. You could add caffeine to this, but like I said, guys, I think it's a negative effect, so that's why I included no stims.

So let's go over the ingredient profile. First, as you can see, everything's trademarked and name brand, highest quality. First up is going to be L-citrulline. So L-citrulline is kind of like the bread and butter. L-citrulline is, of course, the Kyowa Quality form, so it's fermented, high-quality. Now why did I go with free-form L-citrulline opposed to citrulline malate? Citrulline malate, if you look at other formulas, that's mostly the common form used. I personally just did not want my citrulline bound of malic acid. Malic acid could possibly increase ATP production. Whatever. That's awesome. I don't care about ATP production. I care about is increasing blood arginine level, and that's what the L-citrulline by itself is doing. A lot of times you'll see a lot of products that might be kind of looking like it's high dose, like six grams of citrulline malate or eight grams. You got to remember that's a two to one ratio bound with malic acid. So we have seven grams of pure L-citrulline, so that's pretty huge.

Next on the list, to coincide with L-citrulline to increase blood oxygen levels is the nitrosigine. So the nitrosigine is arginine bound with silicone and inositol. So it's the sum of three parts, which has shown in research increase blood levels five times greater than arginine hydrochloride by itself. So once again, that's going to kind of coincide with the L-citrulline. It's going to amp up blood arginine levels, which is going to translate into nitric oxide production. Now after that, I added HydroMax, which is glycerol monostearate. And it's actually 65% concentrated. Regular glycerol monostearate's usually around 10% to 15%, so it's going to be absorbed more efficiently. But we dosed it at five grams, guys. Five grams per serving, one scoop yields five grams. If you look at a lot of common products that are pre-workouts, you might see one to two grams. I went with five because that's what I was trialing and personally testing, and I had no GI distress. All I had was everything that glycerol is supposed to do, so I had cellular swelling. My muscles were full and hydrated. It's supposed to pull water in the inner [cystial 00:03:04] space. It can actually conserve water so well while you train or exercise, you might not need to go to the bathroom or urinate. However, I always recommend that people hyperhydrate prior to training, during training, after training, just to keep the cells swollen, keep your pump high and keep your strength up.

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So after that we went with something for mental acuity, AlphaSize. of course, the trademark form, AlphaSize, which is the trademark form of Alpha-GPC, a form of choline. Like I said, I didn't want caffeine, didn't want yohimbine, didn't want stims, but I wanted something for mental focus, cognitive enhancement, mental acuity. That's what Alpha-GPC is going to do. It's going to cross the blood brain barrier, increase acetylcholine in the brain.

And you're going to feel awesome while you train, but no high blood pressure, no basal constriction, none of that stuff that you don't want. It also in studies has shown decreased GH levels. However, that's not my concern. My concern was all the mental aspects. But for a national athlete with declining GH levels, that's kind of a side perk.

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Next we have elevATP. What's that for? Well, that's a trace mineral complex. I didn't want to just dust in some sodium, some potassium. It's actually a trace mineral complex from [Sononian 00:04:16] fossilized plant rock, and it has over 70 trace minerals. And it also has apple extract with it, but that's going to increase ATP production, which is something that I really didn't care about. I wanted just the Sononian trace mineral complex, but it does have the added benefit for ATP production through the apple extract. So that's a pretty expansive and awesome trace mineral complex to aid in anti-cramping, once again, cellular hydration, cellular swelling, all that cool stuff.

Now, if you see, it says Candy Shock. What's Candy Shock? Well, Candy Shock, in my opinion and a lot of other people that has tested it, it tastes like a popular candy that you might be familiar with when you were a kid, or it could be something that you eat on the weekends on your weekly cheat. I don't know, but it tastes similar to a Shock Tarts or a SweeTarts or some type of Smarties all in one. Phenomenal taste. Really good feedback so far. It's delicious.

And once again, guys, the CelluVOL is all transparent. Everything's right on the label. All the trademark name brands. Everything on the ingredient is isolated and singled out. There's no blends. Everything is top, top quality and top dosed. So I appreciate everyone for supporting MPA stuff thus far. This is part of the Peri series. And [Farmgrade's 00:05:35] been great, which is the intro. This is the pre. Stay tuned for the post-workout. It's going to be out very soon. We're doing some finalization on it. I'm going to drop a little sneak peek here eventually, and just stay tuned. The whole Peri series, also, what I want to mention is that it's going to be diverse, and it's something you can use year round. It's not going to be sugar or anything restrictive so you can't use it pre-contest. Everything's going to be friendly for pre-contest athletes or off season, all that stuff. So I'm always thinking ahead, and I don't want anything that's going to restrict people from taking the product, like caffeine stims from blood pressure issues, sugar for contests or dieting issues, all that stuff, guys. So I'm making sure I'm thinking ahead and I'm looking out for you guys, and this is the CelluVOL. Stay tuned for the rest of the Peri series and the form of the post-workout that's going to come out soon.