All right, guys. Let's run through a day of my off-season eating. Start of my day is either at 6:00 AM or 8:00 AM, depends on when the baby gets up and if I can sleep until 8:00 AM, that's awesome, so it just depends. I start my day with a shake. So my mass gain shake is going to be first thing that I drink. I want to cram a massive amount of calories first and I'm really not hungry for whole food at this point in the game. During your off-season, some people hit a wall, and it's hard to force in more food. I'm that person. I'm not a person that can just eat, eat, eat ongoing throughout the month. I do hit a sticking point. Getting close to that point now. So the liquid works well for me. I'll show you what's in my mass gain shake.

This big bucket here, as I'm going through this pretty rapidly. Here's the scooper. I do three scoops, three big ass scoops here right into this Vitamix here. A ton of powder. And that's going to be about 1100 calories, 215 grams of carbs, 50 grams of protein. Now, I'm actually going to add a scoop of additional whey isolate to this to make it 75 grams of protein with the complimentary macronutrients to go with it. Start my day with this, guys. I'm going to go blend this up. That gets an easy 200 plus carbs in me and then I'm going to repeat this again too so then I'll explain why with the next meal of this.

Here's the additional scoop of protein. I'm going to use my IsoSolve, graham cracker pie crust. Honestly though, the flavor gets lost in all the other powder we got going on in here. So there's my grand total of 75 grams of protein, 250 grams of carbs, five grams of fat. Now the mass gain shake that I am using, guys, it's comprised of something called ModCarb, which is quinoa, buckwheat and oat bran powder. So it's complex carbs, a little bit slower acting, a little bit "healthier" but let's face it, anything in a bolus amount of 200 grams of carbs is never that healthy, but it's a little cleaner far as the mass gaining concoction. And so I get that powder through direct the company of FutureCeuticals makes ModCarb, so I get the powder through them. And here is my first meal of the day right here.

All right, guys, here's the amount of fluid. It's a pretty big shake and I put enough water in there, I'd say around 20 ounces so it's not sludgy and gross. I don't really like it thick, a little bit more watery. Turn that off. And of course, it's going to fill this up. That's the texture. It's relatively easy. It's a little thicker but not like sludge. So once again, guys, I don't want to film this twice. I have this shake for my first two meals of the day. These two shakes get me by without eating, which is convenient, and it gets me up to 440 grams of carbs just from liquid. 440 grams of carbs. It gets me up to 150 grams of protein, 10 grams of fat. Get this shit down fast because I want to get calories in me fast. I don't want to eat.

Cool thing is, let's say I have the first shake at 7:00 AM. I'll have the second shake at 10:00 AM. So now at that point, I already got over 2000 calories accomplished. I have 400 grams of carbs accomplished. Now after the 10:00 AM or 11:00 AM, whenever I have the second shake, I can chill out. I can literally get my GI track three or four hours or more. Before then, I start eating real whole food and I can actually have somewhat of an appetite to scarf some food down. So once again, this shake is done twice, first meal and second meal.

Okay, so I'm heading to the gym right now after my two mass-gaining shakes. I don't do intro workout right now because I am so stuffed with food and shakes that it's just more irritation in my stomach but I will have a pre-workout drink which will be one scoop of CelluVOL. D-ribose, I'll do 20 grams just because I think D-ribose is a great product just for cellular energy, for heart health, ATP production and all that stuff. And I'll do two scoops of PharmGrade EAA. I like the tangerine crush. I think it's awesome flavor that we did. So this will be my pre-training drink. No [inter 00:04:30].

All right, guys, I'm done training. Post-workout. Got to be honest with you guys, this is forcing this shake down, my post workout recovery shake. I'm not really too excited about this. I'm pretty full still. So I'm going to do two scoops of Vitargo, which is 70 grams of carbs. Of course, one scoop of my CreRiboVOL, which supplies all that good stuff there. And two scoops of my PharmGrade, pharmaceutical grade essential amino acids all into this. That's immediately post-training. That's what I'm going to have and we will see what I'm going to have on my actual whole food meal starting after this.

All right, guys, first real food meal. It's literally 4:00 PM and this is my first real food meal. So what is it? It's this amazing sticky rice I get at Costco. It's 71 grams of carbs for one container, 90 seconds in the microwave. And then this is six and a half ounces of elk meat. So elk, rice, and then I add the best sauce, Fire Under the Mountain, which is a wing place in Portland, Oregon. It's like a peanut sauce. It's a little on the fattier side there for my liking. Three grams of fat, but it's off-season and I'm an ectomorph so I can handle that. So this is my first meal, guys, after all the masking shakes in the post-workout.

Does it look good? Hey. Hey, I don't know. [inaudible 00:05:49]

All right, here's my next meal. Awesome find. These are a low fat top ramens. One gram of fat, not hydrogenated and crappy like the ones we're all used to. Seven grams of protein, 45 grams of carbs per pack. I have two of these things so that's 90 grams of carbs right there. And then another six and a half ounce patty of elk with ketchup. So, this is my second whole food meal.

You want to share your meal with this guy?

You hungry for this one, buddy?


What's up with the hair?

Hey. Say hi to Dad.

You know, he probably wants to eat real food too.

It's time for bed.

All right, guys. Here's my next meal. Wonderful filet mignon. No matter how full I am, such a buttery, awesome cut of steak that very easy to get down. I have a whole package of Simply Baked french fries, low fat, so it's not like a bunch of fat or a bunch of oil. I'm going to have the whole bag, which is about 110 to 120 grams of carbs. Of course, I got salt and another Colonel Seasonings over the fries. So this is my next meal, filet mignon and a whole bag of baked french fries.

All right, guys, final thing of the night. Honey Smoked Salmon. No additional carbs. There's already a... Well, there says there's zero carbs but we all know that honey or any type of sweetness from sugar is not zero carbs, so. I'm going to have around four ounces of this. I'm going to call it a night tonight. So that's my final thing that I'm eating here.

All right, guys. So that was my full day of off-season eating that you saw and I'll give you the grand total of the macros. And like I said, my off-season varies day to day. The two shakes are always consistent but then my meals are going to change slightly. The protein source could change. The carbs could change. I could have a cheat meal. All that stuff is always variant. So yesterday's totals, protein was 315 grams. Carbs was 770 grams. Fat was 74 grams. The grand total calories was 5,020 calories. So about 5,000 calories. That's pretty much, I'm going to guess average for each day.

And like I said, it various give or take, having restaurant meals or going out to eat. What will stay the same, like I said, is those two liquid shakes for me. That's imperative. Once I conquer those, I have already 400 grams of carbs down the hatch and it's at that point that gives me a really good headstart and then I wait for my appetite to finally kick in, have the whole food meal. So that's what I'm doing right now. It's working pretty well. Weight's around 260 and we'll do updates and bring you through more days with other foods that I add far as going out to eat and all that stuff. And we'll do more videos just like this to keep you up to date.