In the worlds of bodybuilding and dieting, of high protein gains and dietary losses, it can be next to impossible when you search for something that can serve as a midnight grab, a quick morning breakfast, or even for something on-the-go and not feel so guilty about all your previous hard work.

Enter MPA Supp’s Iso Poofs, where all that you worked for won’t be destroyed by a few handfuls of something delicious because you’re just so damn hungry all the time – where convenience, gains, and weight loss meet. 

Made from high-quality milk protein isolate, these crunchy treats have been proven to help keep you full for longer than other snacks on the market!



What Are These High Protein Cereals We Speak Of?


Certainly, we can all agree that one of the most popular breakfast food in America is cereal. The fun of cereal is that not only is it a quick and convenient breakfast but equally as quick and convenient when you need a snack.  However, not all of those bowls are created equal when it comes to your health and well-being!

Your typical store-bought name-brand cereals usually come loaded with carbs, empty calories, processed sugar, and not a lot of protein – things that can destroy a well-planned diet with just one or two servings.  


And while high protein cereal is nothing new to the market, they don’t always taste the best.  That is where, especially recently, low sugar, high protein cereal that is healthy and actually tastes good has had an uprising.


Iso Poofs – Where Protein Meets Flavor

MPA Iso Poofs were made with the intention of containing as little dietary fat and carbohydrates as possible. They were made for those on strict workout routines and dietary restrictions, but also want the same quick-fix that comes from taking protein shakes on demand.

With total calories being under 110 per serving, you can rest assured knowing that you won’t blow your daily caloric intake with just a handful of these gluten-free poofs.  

We’ve managed to bring down the total fat content to as low as 1 gram per serving, total sugar to less than 1g, and the total carbohydrates to as little as 3 grams.  All this while maintaining that crunch and sweet taste that we all crave in cereal!


Another thing that makes our product stand out from other protein cereals is how high the protein content actually is – coming in at up to a whopping 19 grams per serving, while other typical high protein cereal brands tend to be around 10 to 13 grams per.

While our Iso Poofs are not necessarily the founding fathers of the high protein cereal category, we certainly dominate it in terms of their nutritional value, without sacrificing flavor!


Use In A Keto-Friendly Diet


Ketogenic diets are high-fat, medium protein, low carbohydrate plans that some people use to lose weight. While it’s a useful diet that can produce results, it can be notoriously difficult to find food and especially snacks that fit the criteria.  

Just keep in mind that with keto specifically, it doesn’t call for as high protein as with some other diets.

And while it is easier finding foods high in the good fat that you’ll need (avocado, nuts, MCT oil, etc.), it’s much more difficult to find snacks that taste amazing while still having low-carb and low sugar.   

Reach for Iso Poofs instead if you want a sweet, gluten-free, keto-friendly snack!


Not Just For Breakfast

While we do boast of Iso Poofs being a high-protein cereal, its uses can vary wildly.  Here are just some creative ideas to make the most of these poofs to enhance your meals. Don’t forget, Iso Poofs come in both sweet and savory flavors!

  • Add Jalapeno White Cheddar Iso Poofs in your salad as croutons
  • Add Apple Cinnamon Crunch your Greek yogurt
  • Combine Iso Poofs in with your vanilla pudding
  • Top your cottage cheese with Iso Poofs
  • Toss some Iso Poofs in your oatmeal as a sugar substitute
  • Pour some milk (or milk substitute) over Iso Poofs as a bowl of cereal
  • Dump some in a bowl dry as a popcorn replacement
  • Throw some chocolate poofs on your favorite ice cream as a crunchy topping
  • Make a pack of your own trail mix for something on the go

As you can see, the potential uses of Iso Poofs go far beyond just breakfast or even snacks.  Use it to combine different flavors into your lunch and dinners, or even in your sneaky midnight dessert!

Don’t Feel Restricted

Iso Poofs are a great way to indulge in the sugar cravings without all the guilt. They can be used as a low carb, low fat, and high protein snack or food option that will help you stay on track with your goals.

If you’re not already adding these delicious protein poofs into your daily routine, we recommend giving them a try.   

We know how difficult it is to stick to any type of restrictive eating plan so we want to make sure you feel not just good, but proud of what you put in your body.  Even if you don't have dietary restrictions, there's no better time than now for trying something new in the kitchen!