By:  Matt Weik

Have you ever left your shaker bottle with the remnants of a protein shake?  Days later you realize you never washed it and upon inspection, the paint on your walls starts to peel off from the foul odor.  It happens to the best of us.  You're not sure what to do next.  Do you attempt washing it and say a Hail Mary that the stench goes away?  Do you toss the shaker bottle and go buy a new one?  Or do you dig a hole in your backyard, toss the shaker bottle in it, pour on some gasoline, light it, and then cover up the evidence with dirt as if nothing happened?  They're all possibilities, but I have some better solutions for you.

It should go without saying that if you take care of your shaker bottle after each use by washing it or at least rinsing it out after each use, you can help prevent powder from forming on the inside of your shaker bottle walls and even the lid and cap.  There are times where after the gym you’re not going home and you want to slam down a protein shake post-workout.  At a minimum, take your shaker bottle to the locker room and rinse it out.  Go as far as filling it with some warm water, adding the lid back on, closing the cap and then shaking it up to break up anything that could stick to the inside.  Then when you get home you can give it a good wash with soap and water.

When you have the opportunity to wash your shaker bottle, you could try the old soap and water washing routine but honestly, most of the time that’s not going to cut it if your shaker bottle has been sitting for any amount of time.  While washing your shaker the old fashion way may be your first attempt, it may not be enough and you’re back to square one.  So below, I’m going to lay out some tips that you can try in order to bring your funky shaker bottle back to life.

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 1. Baking Soda and Some White Vinegar

The first thing you can try is taking your shaker bottle and pouring in some white vinegar along with some baking soda.  Screw the lid back on, close the top and give it a good shake.  After you are done shaking, open the lid and let it sit on your counter overnight.  When you wake up the next morning, pour out the liquid and give it a good wash with soap and water.  Many times, this will be enough to eliminate odors and make your shaker bottle usable again.


 2. Dump in Coffee Grounds

This strategy might be one of my favorites simply because I love drinking coffee but if you have tried washing your shaker bottle to no avail and the odor continues to linger, coffee is your friend.  To be more specific, the coffee grounds.  To use this strategy, go ahead and make yourself a nice pot of coffee.  After the brewing process is done and the grounds have cooled, take some of the grounds and dump them into the bottom of your shaker bottle.  Make sure the coffee grounds are still damp. 

Then, what you want to do is screw the lid back on your shaker bottle and close the cap, so it’s sealed.  Allow the shaker bottle to sit overnight and in the meantime, go ahead and enjoy a nice cup of coffee (or a few).  In the morning, dump out the grounds and wash out your shaker.  The coffee grounds should have helped absorb the odor and your shaker bottle should be good as new.

 3. Pour in Some Mouthwash

When you have bad breath and want your mouth to be fresh and clean, most people add mouthwash to their dental hygiene routine.  Well, you can use that same mouthwash in your bathroom to help clean out your shaker bottle too.  Mouthwash is a great way to kill bacteria as well as get rid of funky odors coming from your shaker bottle (and mouth). 

What you want to do is fill about a third of your shaker bottle with the mouthwash of your choice.  Obviously, you’re going to want to use a large container of mouthwash for the job as those tiny bottles you sometimes see are for single-use only.  Once you pour the mouthwash into your shaker bottle, give it a good shake.  Then, dump out the mouthwash and give your shaker a good rinse.  This should leave your shaker bottle odor-free and smelling fresh.

With all of that being said, if nothing works and the nuclear option is not on the table, simply buy yourself a new shaker bottle.  They are inexpensive and if you’re in the market, pick up a MPA Cyclone Shaker Bottle to mix up your favorite supplements.

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