Need an At-Home workout that requires little equipment and focuses on Push/Pull Days?

This is the second video for this series and focuses on Upper Body Pulling movements.

Pull Day Lat Giant Set

1A Band Lat Pullover Mechanical Drop Set (First position 12-15 reps, second position 12-20 reps)

1B Floor DB Pullover 8-12 reps (2-3 second pause at the most stretched position)

1C Bent Over DB Elbows Out Row (1.5 rep style) 10-12 reps

1D Bent Over DB Elbows at the Side Row (1.5 rep style) AMRAP

Rest 60-90 seconds Repeat 2-4 times


Upper Back/Rear Deltoid Giant Set

2A Band Pull Apart 12-15 reps

2B Band Face Pull 12-15 reps

2C Bent Over DB Reverse Fly AMRAP 2D Kneeling Upper Back Stretch 30 seconds

Rest 60 seconds Repeat 2-4 times


Biceps Giant Set

3A Band Biceps Curl 15-20 reps

3B DB Hammer Curl (1.25 rep style) 8-10 reps

3C DB Underhand (supinated) Curl (1.25 rep style) AMRAP

3D Biceps Wall Stretch 30 seconds each arm

Rest 60 seconds Repeat 2-3 times


Back Finisher

4A Kneeling Single-Arm Row 12-20

4B Kneeling Single-Arm Pulldown AMRAP

4C Kneeling Lat Stretch 30 sec Do one side first all the way through and then the other side before resting

Rest 60-90 seconds Only 1-2 rounds


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