By: Matt Weik

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of water.  At least from a flavor standpoint.  Nothing against its importance – I simply don’t care for the taste.  If you’re like me and many others I’ve spoken to, you may prefer beverages with a little more flavor.  The problem?  These beverages tend to contain calories and if you’re drinking them all day long, those calories add up quite quickly.  The fix?  Flavor your water.

Below, you will find several ways on how to make water taste better so that you’ll drink more of it while keeping the calories low or even eliminating them altogether.

  • Add Fresh Fruit or Other Flavorful Natural Ingredients

  • One of the best ways to make water taste better is to add some fresh fruit to it.  Some of the most commonly used sources include lemons, limes, oranges, strawberries, cucumbers, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, pineapple, honeydew melon, and watermelon to name a few.

    Some other things you can toss in your water to infuse it are mint leaves, lemongrass, and stevia leaves.  The key is to try different things to find out what you prefer.  But the bottom line is that by simply adding something (or even a combination of things) to your water, you can make it taste better and you’ll be more willing to drink it throughout the day.

  • Add Some Carbonation

  • Not everyone is going to have this laying around their house, but if you have a carbonation machine (or decide to purchase one), you can add some nice bubbles to your water.  While it's not going to change the flavor per se, the addition of the carbonation adds a new dimension to water.

    Think along the lines of if you’ve ever had a can or bottle of flat soda where the carbonation is gone.  When you take a sip, it doesn’t taste the same.  Grab a fresh can or bottle WITH the carbonation and there’s a drastic change in the overall experience.

    Want to double your pleasure?  Add some carbonation to your water while also tossing in some fruit from what was mentioned above, and you have yourself a refreshing and hydrating beverage.

    PharmGrade Image

  • Make Yourself a Cup of Tea

  • While this is a great way to make water taste better, you can find yourself going down the rabbit hole quite quickly.  How?  With all the things you want to put IN your tea that can change the macros.

    Those who drink tea (meaning, they use a tea bag and make their own or simply use actual tea leaves and go as natural as possible) generally add ingredients into their tea.  While some don’t, many prefer to add some sort of sweetener to their cup.  This can be anything from sugar, to Splenda, to cinnamon, among others.  The key is to keep the added calories out of your tea.  I’ve even seen people put creamer in their tea (like you would put in a cup of coffee).  

    If you were to add anything to your tea to sweeten the flavor, consider a calorie-free sweetener.

  • Pour in a Powdered or Liquid Sugar-Free Drink Mix

  • There is no shortage of powdered and liquid sugar-free drink mixes out on the market these days to help make water taste better and add a little flavor.  While some mixes are very light, others will flat-out slap you in the face with heavy and bold flavors.  Which do you choose?  Well, that comes down to personal preference.  

    These sugar-free, and even in some cases calorie-free powders and liquids, are a great way to bring some life to what’s a boring and bland beverage.  Due to their size and convenient packaging, you can pretty much take them anywhere you go.  

    Unless you purchase the large tubs of a water enhancer, you can easily opt for the individual packets that you can slip in a bag or purse and out the door you go.  When you need to rehydrate, simply grab the individual packet and you’re good to go.

    As a recommendation, if you purchase the liquid version of these mixes and water enhancers, they tend to have a flip top on them.  I would recommend placing a piece of tape over it to ensure it does not open and spray all over the contents of your bag or purse (trust me, it can happen).  Or, simply put it in a Ziplock bag and make sure it is sealed so, in the even it spills, it will be contained in the bag and not all over your belongings. 

  • Toss in a Few Ice Cubes and Be Creative

  • You may think I’m off my rocker for saying this but try tossing some ice cubes into your water.  I may be crazy, but I think it actually does make water taste better.  If you give me a glass or bottle of room temperature water, I’d spit it out.  Hand me a glass or bottle that is ice cold and I can down it with ease.  Try it and you may agree with me.

    With that being said, here’s where your creativity comes into play with how to make water taste better.  Make some flavored ice cubes.  How?  By cutting up pieces of fruit like what was mentioned above and placing them in the slots of your ice cube tray.  Then, add your water and toss the trays in the freezer.  Once they are frozen, use them to chill your water as well as the ability to add a nice subtle flavor to your water as the ice melts and the flavors of the fruit get infused into the water.


    PharmGrade Image 2


  • Add a Scoop of Amino Acids

    Last, but certainly not least on our list is amino acid supplements.  BCAAs and EAAs are a great thing to implement and make water taste better.  Brands are creating flavor systems that will have you mixing up another batch the minute you take your last sip – they’re that good.  

    The benefit of adding amino acids to your water is to help improve your recovery following workouts, aid in building lean muscle mass, and helping to keep you anabolic throughout the day.  Additionally, amino acids are a supplement that can be utilized at any time of the day which makes them the perfect option when you want to make your water taste better.  

    If you’re looking for an amino acid powder to try, check out MPA PharmGrade EAA which utilizes pharmaceutical-grade essential amino acids in its formula.  PharmGrade EAA contains over 13 grams of patented Ajinomoto® branded essential amino acids (EAAs), along with a high dose of leucine and the other three BCAAs per serving.  Even better, this unique formula includes 3 grams of coconut juice powder to help aid in maintaining proper hydration levels.

    Give any or all of the suggestions above a try and figure out which best suits your taste buds.