Pie Fuel Product Information

Complex Carbohydrate Powder

Pie Fuel™ is a complex carbohydrate powder designed to be used as the perfect adjunct to a high protein food meal or protein powder. This is not your typical fast-acting, insulin surging, simple carb formula like Karbolyn, Vitargo, dextrose, maltodextrin, and other fast digesting glucose polymers.

Pie Fuel™  is high-quality whole foods pulverized into an easy-to-mix powder that replaces time-consuming to cook carbohydrates such as; sweet potatoes, barley, oats, brown rice etc…

For Example -

Most individuals lead a busy lifestyle dealing with work, exercise, errands, parenting duties, studying, etc… Slaving over an oven, or boiling pot, then sitting down to chew and consume their health conscience meals can slow down their day and efficiency.

Being able to stay on your diet, while still consuming the same macro and micronutrients is absolutely imperative for optimal physique altering results. Pie Fuel ™  can be consumed in conjunction with your typical protein complement such as; chicken, beef, fish, turkey, yogurt, eggs etc… Many will find it best combined with a whey protein powder for an immediate high-quality meal within seconds.  (MPA Pie Fuel™ will blend with MPA IsoSolve™  perfectly as the flavors complement each other)

What is Pie Fuel?

The base component of Pie Fuel™ is sweet potato powder. This is what makes up the majority of this complex carb formula. Sweet potatoes are rich in minerals, fiber, and vitamins, and taste amazing in powdered form.

Next is BarleyTrim® which is a fibrous, glucose regulating, low glycemic carbohydrate. BarleyTrim® is smooth and creamy and mixes very well into water.

How is Pie Fuel™ Best Used?

This multifaceted carb powder can be plugged in at any time for benefits such as; energy for activities, hunger control, stabilized blood sugar, complex carb for dieting, lean mass gaining, carb-loading etc...

What I personally find advantageous about Pie Fuel ™ is that it TASTES AWESOME!. For extreme dieter’s on their plight to get extremely lean, hunger pangs are signaling your brain non-stop -- PIE FUEL ™ IS YOUR SAVIOR.

Each serving supplies 17 grams of delicious complex carbohydrates. You can mix Pie Fuel ™ with water and add to an animal protein meal, or combine with a protein powder, satisfying a sweet tooth, while ensuring quality whole food is being ingested.

My personal recommendation and what I have experimented with is the following:


  • 1-2 scoops of Pie Fuel ™ (depending on your carb allotment)  
  • 1-2 scoops of MPA IsoSolve ™ (Graham Cracker Pie Crust flavor) *or another complementary flavored whey protein powder of choice (vanilla, caramel, cinnamon)
  • Crushed ice
  • Low calorie (25 cal) Cashew Milk or almond milk

    All mixed into a blender and blended until thick, creamy, smooth and into a delicious treat that you can eat with a spoon. This is absolutely amazing and to think its the equivalent to having a baked sweet potato, added barley, and a lean protein source while feeling and tasting like a dessert is worth every penny.

    You won’t want to EAT your carbohydrates anymore, and will insist on drinking them when they taste like an actual pie!

    As always - I am bringing you products and ingredients I personally test out, use, and believe in, so my passion and enthusiasm is always sky high with each product.

    -Matt Porter