Health Stack

Health Stack

MPA HeartSolve™​ uses ​patented​ & ​branded​ ingredients, alongside a clinically dosed serving size.

​Make this part of your health & wellness supplement arsenal, and stop buying multiple single ingredients and spending more money when you have 4 ingredients in 1 product with​ ​MPA HeartSolve™

MPA CardioSolve™ ​is an absolute powerhouse

cardiovascular formula designed to ensure your heart muscle is working as efficiently, and healthy as possible while pursuing your plight to the upper echelons of Bodybuilding, health & fitness or whatever high level athletics you are involved in.

HeartSolve: the ultimate cholesterol and blood pressure support formula featuring

  • Begamonte™
  • Celery 3nB™
  • Benolea™
  • MegaNatural BP™

CardioSolve: Supreme cardiac function and bioenergetic support formula featuring

  • Rejuna (Arjuna)
  • Pycnogenol
  • Ubiquinol

Each Stack Includes:

1 x HeartSolve <<<<< Click to read about HeartSolve

1 x CardioSolve <<<<< Click to read about CardioSolve

Mpa HeartSolve supplement facts

Mpa CardioSolve supplement facts