What is ElevATP?

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ElevATP® is quite literally the first true form of “energy in a pill.” Using patented technology, ElevATP® provides pure adenosine triphosphate (ATP) orally without it losing bioavailability, in the form of ElevATP®.

Therefore, ElevATP® works through three distinct mechanisms to enhance physical performance, reduce fatigue, and increase blood flow to working muscles. [1,2] This is why CelluVOL is truly an ergogenic supplement for all trainees in the gym.

Adenosine Tri-what?

Many people may be wondering what ATP is exactly? And why is this biomolecule so crucial for athletic performance (and just life in general)? Don’t worry, here’s an easy-to-understand overview of how ATP works and why it’s the optimum energy source for life.

The Energy of Life: ATP

ATP is the energy currency of cells, and is ultimately derived from the foods that we eat and sunlight. For example, the process of glycolysis breaks down carbohydrates/sugars that we eat and ultimately converts them into pyruvate and ATP. When we breathe in oxygen, aerobic respiration produces ATP and carbon dioxide.

ATP is a biomolecule that serves to transport chemical energy within cells to carry out metabolic reactions. Without it, we would not even be able to carry out daily functions like breathing or walking. Moreover, when we produce more ATP we can use that energy to perform physical work more efficiently and effectively (i.e. lift more weight, achieve more reps per set, run longer, etc.)

How Does ATP Work?

Structurally, ATP contains the nucleoside adenosine bound to three phosphate groups, thus the name adenosine triphosphate (see image below).

ATP creates free energy by either releasing a phosphate group (via hydrolysis) or by phosphorylating another residue in the body. Essentially, the phosphate groups in ATP molecules are where chemical energy is stored, and upon the release of these groups that energy is liberated to be harnessed by living systems to perform work. Keep in mind this a very rudimentary overview of ATP works.

Why Is ATP Crucial for Physical/Athletic Performance?

Muscle cells are utilizing and replenishing ATP stores so they can contract (i.e. perform ‘work’). Thus, any way to bolster the ATP restoration process will be beneficial for increasing your capability to perform muscular work. As alluded to earlier, the more ATP you produce, the longer and more intense you can train. This is largely how creatine monohydrate has become such a well-renowned supplement for athletes and bodybuilders over the years.



ElevATP® As a Replacement for Creatine Supplements?

Theoretically, ElevATP® is more efficacious than creatine because it serves to increase cellular ATP stores directly rather than through the phosphocreatine system. [1,2] Creatine monohydrate supplements work by bolstering the phosphocreatine system in muscle cells.

Phosphocreatine is a simple molecule comprised of creatine bound to phosphate. It serves as a mediator for regenerating ATP by donating its phosphate group to adenosine diphosphate (ADP) molecules.

Unfortunately, creatine monohydrate causes many gym-goers and athletes to suffer gastric distress and bloating from retaining large amounts of water. Moreover, not everyone responds well to creatine.

ElevATP® is a perfect replacement for these individuals. Even people who do tolerate/respond well to creatine will still benefit by using ElevATP® either in lieu of creatine or along with creatine.

Breaking down the research for ElevATP®

Until ElevATP® was developed, ATP has never really been a feasible supplement (orally) because it is degraded upon ingestion. Thankfully, ElevATP® uses a patented technology that allows ATP to pass through the digestive system efficiently and be absorbed intact.

Research on ElevATP® thus far has been very intriguing, yielding improvements in trainees via three mechanisms: [1,2]

  1. ElevATP® has been shown to significantly improve strength and power output of trainees by increasing muscular excitability.
  2. ElevATP® stimulates blood flow to working muscles; blood flow is conducive to delivery of nutrients and oxygen to muscle cells and thus increases work capacity.
  3. ElevATP® enhances signal transduction in muscle cells, promoting the retention and growth of lean body mass.

    Obviously all of these mechanisms are highly beneficial for anyone concerned with how they look, feel and perform on a day-to-day basis. ElevATP® truly is a revolutionary breakthrough in sports supplementation.

    Many consumers spend $1000 of dollars per year on dietary supplements that do very little and have next-to-no scientific evidence. This is why was created; it is meant for anyone and everyone who wants to enhance their performance in the gym and improve their body composition. Make no mistake about,--it allows you to work more efficiently and more effectively.

    Why MPA CelluVOL Is the Best Source of ElevATP®

    Every MPA product that produces passes through scrutinizing tests to make sure that what’s on the label is in the product and what’s not on the label isn’t. This is why MPA proudly stands behind the certification on every bottle of CelluVOL.

    Moreover, CelluVOL is the first product to utilize ElevATP® at two times its scientifically proven dose of 150 mg per day (each serving of CelluVOL contains 300 mg of ElevATP®).



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